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In-Person Services

Physical Therapy

Initial Evaluation: Your first session with me is called an initial evaluation. During this session, I will spend time with you to learn about your condition, your previous level of function, how your condition is affecting you and build a treatment plan so you can return to a pain free lifestyle.

$250 - Initial Evaluation

Standard Visit: A continuation of the plan of care working towards your short and long term goals while providing updated exercises, eliminating pain and increasing your function.

$185 - Standard Visit

The Barbell Introduction

Learn how to barbell squat, press, bench, and deadlift in one 2-hour session. This introductory session is ideal for both new lifters who would like to learn the Starting Strength method and more advanced lifters who would like to get feedback on their lifts and programming. You will leave the introductory session understanding where to start your progression, how to progress, and what to expect as your training continues. The barbell introduction is required before starting individual sessions.

$250 for One Person

$350 for Two People

Strength Training/Form Check

After the completion of the introductory session, you are eligible to purchase individual sessions. Session prices are as follows:


1 session: $185

4 sessions/monthly subscription (1x week): $720 ($180/session)


8 sessions/monthly subscription (2x week): $1,400 ($175/session)


12 sessions/monthly subscription (3x week): $2,040 ($170/session)

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